Wordpress website design for wellness practitioner
WordPress website design for wellness practitioner

Adele has been teaching various forms of wellness for many years. They including yoga, Thai massage, and drum making, which she feels connects her to her Metis heritage. She is also a natural health practitioner, a life coach and does healing workshops with horses.

Many of the workshops take place at a beautiful retreat in cottage country, called Thirteen Moons. Each year the moon completes thirteen lunar cycles, which is celebrated during the monthly full moon drumming circles at this establishment.

Initially, she had a domain name and had installed WordPress on her host’s server but beyond that, she was struggling to set up the site as she liked. And she was really unfamiliar with WordPress.

Also, because of the title of her business, In Circle With Life, she wanted something on her website that had circles in the home widget area.

WordPress website design for wellness practitioner needed to be done yesterday

Recently, she ran a large workshop on drum making just north of Toronto, so she wanted to have an online place that people could visit. I only had a few days to come up with something. In that time, I chose a WordPress theme that worked for her purposes. I created a homepage slider (shrinks to fit small browsers) with modified images to fit.  And made thumbnail images to fit circles for the homepage widgets. I did some theme customization using CSS, changing a few colours, etc. 

In the end, this wellness practitioner in Toronto got a Wordpress website design that is responsive (mobile friendly). And it is customized to her liking. In the near future, we will work on SEO (search engine optimization) and set the site up to receive MailChimp subscribers. Adele will also fine tune the text. And I will give her a few WordPress lessons, so she is able to update text and add images as she sees fit.

Check out the site at incirclewithlife.ca.

WordPress website design for wellness practitioner
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