Simple WordPress site for hair stylist
Simple WordPress site for hair stylist

Josephine, a hair stylist who works at Yonge and Eglinton, wanted an inexpensive website. So she just bought a domain name – she didn’t want hosting. It was also important to her to have a mobile friendly website – most of her clients communicate with her through texting.

With no hosting, we were not able to customize the WordPress theme. But she liked the Goran theme because of the colours and the way it displayed on her smartphone.

She had an illustration in mind to use as a header – she had a greeting card with a drawing that she liked. So using the Brushes app for the iPad, I created something similar.

Since we do not have the ability to add SEO plugins, we have tried to make the text on the page as search engine optimized as possible.

This is a simple WordPress site for a hair stylist – mobile-friendly with an illustration.

Visit Josephine’s Hair.

Simple WordPress site for hair stylist
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