Makeover of a free WP site
Makeover of a free WP site

Little Kitchen Gourmet, a one-woman business where proprietor Pat creates delicious jams and jellies using local, fresh ingredients, needed a new website. Her old WordPress site was looking a little tired, after being in existence for a few years, and didn’t have a landing page. She was ready for a makeover of a free WP site – hers.

This cook decided it was time for an update but she wanted to continue with her free website – she just wanted it to look more welcoming and have better organized information.

With free WordPress themes, you don’t have much control over the appearance of the site. You don’t have access to the style sheet so you can’t make CSS changes. Some themes come with style options but there are always compromises. One theme might offer many colour options but doesn’t have much in the way of widgets. You have to pick the compromise that works for you.

After doing a lot of searching I chose the Sela theme for this site. It comes with a nice landing page that worked well with Pat’s business, and the look is simple but elegant.

We had to reorganize the menu because with a lot of items, expanding to 2 lines, the pink is a bit overpowering. We moved a few menu items to the 3-widget footer area instead. Works well!

With the homepage widget area in the Sela theme, you have to make the 3 images the same dimension, or it won’t look nice – not a big deal.

Pat had previously had a Twitter feed on the homepage but was happy to relegate it to the subsequent pages to have a good looking welcome page. So her feed is still on the secondary pages. She has a dropdown menu with recipes and the Sela fonts work really well with this kind of content.

Overall, there may be some tweaking but Pat is very happy with the makeover.

Makeover of a free WP site
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