Improving Google SEO
Working on improving Google SEO

I don’t pretend to have figured this out completely, but I’ve read on many different websites about how to make the most of search engine optimization (SEO) and I’ve read the same things over and over. Here are a few tips I’ve learned about Google and page rankings:

  1. Content is king: Have fresh relevant content. Apparently Google can tell if you’re just filling up your pages with keywords, irrelevant links, etc. Google might send you to the back of the line if you’re penalized. Perhaps if we’re going to the trouble of blogging, etc., anyway, we might as well try to write something genuine and of value to our readers.
  2. Keywords: We should try to think about what words our potential readers might put in the Google search engine bar and make sure they appear in our WordPress posts – naturally. Apparently Google will know if these keywords appear more than necessary so just keep it honest. In other words, write what you want to write about and include those keywords in your page title, if possible, and in your text.
  3. Blog regularly: I struggle with this because I lead a busy life and I don’t always want to blog unless I have something to say. But apparently Google and its SEO will reward us if we provide new content.
  4. Label your images with descriptions, captions, and always use relevant alt tags. Google search engines can find the words associated with images so avoid leaving your images labelled with the camera number. Also, I’ve learned the hard way that giving images proper titles and descriptions is a good idea anyway because it makes finding images in your WordPress media library a lot easier.
  5. Include links: If possible have relevant links to other sites in your posts and it would be great if other sites had reason to link to your site.

I know what I’ve said here is just the tip of the iceberg but remembering to do the above is a start. Here is the link to Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF, if you want more in-depth reading.

Improving Google SEO for WordPress websites
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